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Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant

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Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (UUAP) was founded in 1939 and has produced both helicopters and airplanes in its history. Today it produces Mi-8/17 helicopters designed by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant – the commercial Mi-8AMT and Mi-171, and the military Mi-8AMTSh and Mi-171Sh. The plant is also preparing to start production of the new upgraded Mi-171A2, one of the core models in Russian Helicopters' range of medium helicopters. 

Rotorcraft produced by Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant are supplied to governmental and commercial clients in Russia and around the world, and operate successfully in more than 40 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia and Oceania. The plant has produced approximately 10,000 rotorcraft to date.

UUAP’s considerable technical capabilities allow for the swift production of new aircraft models, and for prototype construction to be combined with mass production. The plant oversees the full production cycle, including component manufacturing from composite materials. Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant also possesses a cutting-edge flight testing facility that includes an airfield with a runway suitable for all existing types of aircraft.

In addition to finished helicopters, the plant also produces accessories and parts. It is also involved in cooperative programmes, performs maintenance for the aircraft it manufactures, and provides training and professional development for its pilots and engineers at its own certified training centre.

Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant has extensive experience of working with almost every aviation design bureau in Russia. This experience has allowed the plant to operate successfully on the cutting edge of the aviation industry and smoothly integrate into Russian Helicopters' organisational structure.