Our company Misssion is to offer wide range of the products and services with high quality of service..


AVIACOM produces high quality cable assemblies in compliance with the special requirements, determined by the operation conditions of the final product. 

Cable assembly is a connected cable  segments, terminated by connectors. The assembly operability, reliability and quality is determined by the structure of the cables and reliability of all its structural elements as well as by the quality of the connectors.. 

The cables, used in aviation as well as on special ground vehicles, should coply with special requirements . Such a cable should have high resistance to bending, twisting, abrasion  and punching. 

Our production department cabalilities in combination with highly qualified professionals allows producing and supplying cable assemblies of any complexity and for any purpose within the shortest possible time.   

The quality of the production is tmonitored by Quality control department and representativesof Russian MoD.